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Home Services Jackpot Review – Something huge is happening right now and YOU definitely need to be aware of it. Our team has uncovered a truly brilliant business model for Local Agency owners just like you.


We have patiently been testing a way to add new local clients without all the usual stumbling blocks.

Now, For The First Time Ever, You Can Price Website Design As Low As Needed To Make The Sale!


And just in case you’re wondering Website Design is still very much in demand.

Just the new businesses that start up every month can hand you all the clients you’ll ever need. In fact…

4.4 Million Businesses Opened In 2020

According To The US Government— That’s Over 366,000 A MONTH!

Heck, that’s 12,200 new businesses A DAY!


Imagine what would happen if you had this website sales system right now… and used it to grab deals from all these local home contractors everywhere…

The Results Could Be Overwhelming!

And VERY Profitable.

It’s no wonder our new users are calling it a true breakthrough… AND they’re quickly earning professional incomes without ANY of the usual issues that plague most consultants.

I’m sure you’re curious, so read on…

Now with this completely new system the ‘Income Magic’ happens BECAUSE:

“There Must Be A Disadvantage, Right?”

Nope. Not That We Can See.

This new Home Services Jackpot strategy has NOTHING to do with any of the worn-out failed approaches you’ve probably seen before:

NO finding a niche from scratch… we supply the best niches…
​​NO PPC expense…
​​NO real estate or stock business
​​NO multi-level or network marketing
​​NO bothering friends, family or neighbors
​​NO product to buy or inventory to handle or ship
​​NO office needed outside your home
​​NO salaried employees (unless you want)
​NO credit required
NO cold calling strangers
​NO expensive postal mailings
​NO special education required
​NO long learning curve
​NO equipment to buy or lease
​​NO expensive advertising
​​NO licenses or permits needed
​​NOT time-consuming
​​NOT disruptive to your family life

​…And NONE of the other stuff you’ve probably already tried and failed at… forget all that nonsense!

PLUS, this new business model is so quick, easy and cheap to start, you can launch and operate it all in your spare time, while maintaining your regular day-to-day life.


What’s more, unlike other business models you may have heard about, which suffer from a lot of theory and a long startup period…

You Can Be Making Sales In As Little As 48 Hours!

…even if you’ve never made a penny online and you don’t have a marketing or advertising bone in your body.

Look, I’m excited to share all of this with you, but first, in case you don’t know us…

I’m Tom Gaddis along with my business partner Nick Ponte…

You may recognize Nick and I as the guys behind Offline Sharks. And you probably know our business is based in beautiful Maui, Hawaii… Though lately I reside in exciting Las Vegas and Nick in New York City…

I guess it goes to show in today’s world you can run a multi-million dollar business from anywhere and relocate almost at will!

But wherever we hang our hat, we continue to provide marketing services to local businesses. AND, we get to work from home, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is VERY rewarding, in fact…

It’s Hard To Call What We Do “Work” At All!

We’re always trying out new systems and strategies that bring us more success, an easier path to growth, more money and especially less hassles…

And, when we hit a proven winner, we share it with our Local Shark Members and friends…

Which Brings Me To The Reason For This Important Announcement…

Today Nick and I want to introduce you to a much more effective way of building a local marketing agency in this competitive and volatile marketplace.

When Nick and I saw with our own two eyes how consistent this was, how easy the clients almost fell in our laps, how little time it took to do, and how fast the earnings grew, we knew we couldn’t keep it to ourselves…

For many reading this, it can be a “bullet-proof-breakthrough” in how you get new clients, AND especially for those just getting started, this could literally be a lifesaver!

Want Some “Beginner’s Luck?”

Experienced local consultants may tell you this can’t be this simple… or this fast.

For them, it must be frustrating grinding away at the local business market for years and then suddenly hear about a system that lets even rookies:

Destroys the BS “Learning Curve”…
Hands you your credibility on a silver platter…
Lets you undercut ANY competitor in the hottest niches.
​Lets you skip pricey outsourcers for good.
​Makes you Home Services Contractors’ “Top Choice” for marketing…
​Puts you in business in just hours—from scratch!
You can literally jump to the head of the line and land clients WITHOUT all the hassles, costs and stress. This is NOT a theory—it’s a PROVEN strategy.

What The Gurus Tell You About Getting Clients Isn’t Necessarily “Wrong”—
They Just Miss This Key Point…

(By the way… we aren’t into ‘guru-bashing’; it’s a cheap trick to get people worked up.)

“It’s NOT What They Tell You… It’s What They Leave Out!”

The following is REAL advice from our combined 17+ years of local agency business experience.

So pay close attention…

There is something unbelievably powerful about MOMENTUM. It can change everything for you overnight.

To get momentum, you need some early results.

They don’t have to be huge results, but you need them fast… because the longer you go without results the more you become discouraged… can you relate?

Even if you’ve had success, you can slide into a slump… and face the same emotions as a newbie.

Nick and I have studied this phenomenon like a medical scientist studies a crippling disease, looking for a cure… and we think we’ve found it… Ready?

We Are Giving You A Serious Helping Of “Momentum!”

Starting today at 11am, we’re giving you 3 complete, high-quality, optimized pre-built websites, including all the cool features local clients expect.

PLUS, we’re doing this in one of the hottest niches going today:

That includes local contractors like, carpet cleaners, electricians and handymen. These contractors are growing in numbers like an out-of-control fire making the opportunity for you HUGE!

And when we say these sites are Done-For-You WE MEAN IT!

Let’s compare with what others may claim:

Our Proprietary Sites
Generic Sites
Original Copyrighted Site Designs Unique To Us
Complete Professionally Written Content (No Filler “Lorem Ipsum”)
​Legally Licensed Images Matched To Content
​Popular Features Like Email Capture, Main Sliders & More
Detailed Video Instructions For Install & Modifications
​Customized For The Hottest Home Services Niches
Origins of Their Site Templates Unknown?
No Content Or Poorly Written Content
Images May Not Be Properly Or Legally ​Licensed
​Most Popular Features Cost Extra Money
Very Limited Or No Instructions Or Training
​Most Templates Are Not For The Hottest Niches
But That’s Just The Beginning…


We show you everything from where to find the best prospects, how to close the deal, how to scale by getting others to do the work for you and more. It’s the same kind of quality training we’re known for.


You only need to check the news to see how in-demand the Home Services are. The stay at home movement has only accelerated due to Covid.

AND hold on, later on, after your initial purchase, we’re giving you an opportunity to get even more niche sites, so you can literally cover the board with offers to practically every home services business out there!

Done-For-You Sites For 3 Niches Included!


Plus, 6 Additional DFY Sites Upgrade Available On The Next Page…

Heating & Cooling
Carpet & Flooring
Handyman Service

Plus, You’ll Get All The Extra Resources You’ll Need To Get Started FAST…